Empowering youth and adolescents with the essential tools, skills and information needed to lead productive and healthy active lifestyles through participation in youth athletics, and activities that positively impact communities. 


Trial by Fire Youth Track & Field Club was founded in 2008 by husband and wife, Kevin (Coach) and Lanique Woodson, who drew inspiration to create the club from their own experiences as first time track and field parents. It all started with a commitment to no more! No more of allowing youth sports to become egocentric, adultified, and toxicfied without saying and doing anything while watching kids burnout, dropout, and eventually quit. They realized something was much bigger at stake and looked to fulfill their commitment by creating an enjoyable and thriving environment to inspire more young people to participate in the sport of track and field. To answer the call, they formed Trial by Fire Youth Track & Field Club.

Trial by Fire Youth Track & Field Club, started as a way to bring the most affordable organized amateur track and field programs to the community that foster a healthy competitive, yet safe environment where youth are nurtured and empowered to reach their full potential in every aspect of life. What the Club soon discovered was that blending rules of the sport with life and leadership skills, young people didn't just learn how to run, jump and throw - they were learning important values. Trial by Fire Youth Track & Field Club offer more than athletic training for young people:  we offer life lessons.

For almost a decade, we have addressed the healthy benefits of track and field by promoting physical activity and encouraging young people to maximize their fullest potential in all aspects of life. Realizing that today's youth need a flexible platform to be successful students and responsible citizens, our programs aim to build character and develop core values and life skills inherent in the sport that stay with them beyond the playing fields.

As a organization that uses track and field as the foundation for teaching a range of valuable life lessons, we advance our mission through core values: honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, leadership, and judgement.

We don't just build better track and field athletes. We build character.


Across the US there is a recognition that team sports and exercise should play a bigger part of people's lives, especially in the lives of children and adolescents who are spending more time watching television, in front of the computers, or following social medial platforms. According to reports by Designed to Move (2015) and Merkel (2013), it showed that as children reach adolescence, their preferences for physical action or inactivity begin taking shape and typically hardened by early adulthood. These early years provide a critical window for creating a lifelong commitment to physical activity.  Physical activity and participating in team sports has multiple, far reaching benefits and effects that last into adulthood. For example, healthy lifestyles, leadership and teamwork, high self-esteem, educational benefits beyond high school, and discipline, respect, and trust.

Trial by Fire Youth Track & Field Club focus is to give young people opportunities to learn the fundamental skills of track and field and to encourage them to compete well, do their best, and to strive to win within the rules safely and successfully. By integrating the basic elements of the sport and reinforcing the positive life-long benefits and effects of physical activity will help shape the lives of young people, their families and their communities. Our goal is to change the conversation around sports and exercise and to make it more appealing to young people to get fit in a fun and healthy environment.

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